Joseph could display detailed features of biblical story using photoshop software.  He completed 12 computer graphic drawings and published a calendar in 2013.

Joseph's early art works were performed to depict  biblical story using acrylic.  He published 3 series of calendars in 2006, 2011 and 2013.   

Joseph traveled worldwide and loved visiting different countries and God made nature.  His majority of art works are based on cities and natures where he traveled with parents.  

David Choe renowned graffiti artist, found Joseph's unique talents and cultivated his art skills.  The above drawings were made by both artists in 2004.

Joseph moved to New Jersey from nothern california in Nov. 2022.  His art works display beautiful beaches and city life near bay area where he lived for 23 years.  He will grow strong and mature, despite his disability with Autism.  He continues to create paintings with his unique touching and expression.

During CORONA19  pandemic

 Joseph's living

Calendar works

Computer drawings

Travel series

Joseph began performing art works at home without visiting art studio during Covid pandemic period. He collected pictures taken at previous Europe and Patagonia travels and could vividly describe them.

David Choe's influence